Cost effective e-learning solution

An easy and convenient online lecture system is Elearntool.

Online lecture site operation

Elearntool is enough!

We provide Video Lecture Management Solutions
such as member management, course management, payment management,
and a Responsive Homepage as


We provide a responsive video lecture homepage optimized for various devices such as PCs and smartphones.

LMS(Learning Management System)

We provide an easy and convenient LMS (Learning Management System) suitable for video lecture homepages.

Features of Elearntool

Cost effective
and Easy to manage!

You can easily and conveniently manage the functions
necessary to operate the video lecture website,
such as video lectures, member management, and payment management at a reasonable cost.

Video content security function

Screen recording blocking function is not supported.
Instead, we offer a variety of cost-effective and efficient security features
to protect your video content.

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