Elearntool can be design-modified within a certain range.
Modification is possible in the following areas: 
1. Logo 
2. Image of slides on the main page of the homepage 
3. Customer Center Image 
4. Image on top of sub-page

You can easily replace the images in Manager mode by attaching files at any time. The areas shown in red on the main page and sub page below are replaceable areas. In addition, if you would like to change the design or layout, please contact us.


You can use Elearntool within 24 hours of payment.

Once the installation is complete, we will send you the User Guide manual to your email address. 

ElearnTool eLearning Solution is a solution for uploading videos to and linking them to Vimeo.
The video security features of Elearntool are as follows:

1. Blocking video downloads.
2. Blocking video output outside of domain 
3. Blocking multiple logins such as PCs and smartphones with the same ID.

Elearntool prevents multiple login on devices at the same time with a single ID. 
However, blocking video capture and recording is not supported.

You can set up a sample video for each course.

You can set "Payment confirmation", "Course Start" and "Course start date" in the Accounting Management Manager mode.

Yes. That's right. Although eLearntool Solution is a service that uses Vimeo's system, it is a separate company from Vimeo. So, apart from using eLearnTool, sign up for Vimeo and choose the service that suits your needs.

The Vimeo service is unique from the other video services, so We are sure you will find it helpful.

Our credit card payment is using the eximbay payment module. You can use the program after it is installed and connected to the domain.

We can customize the design or contents of the homepage, and the other parts the solution. Customization may vary in estimated cost and duration depending on what you request, function, etc.  
If you contact us by email, we'll let you know about the duration and cost of customization.

In elerantool elearning solution, members can be created in two ways. First, you can recruit members by signing up online. Members can be managed on the management page.  

If you have students in your academy, you may randomly generate an ID to register them as members.In this case, inform the student of the ID and password you created so that the student can log in to the homepage and modify the password himself.

Video course management requires category settings first. This can be set up, modified, or deleted in the Management Program > Course Management > Course Classification Management.

In the Administration Program, you can see help in each area as shown below. The default setting is that Help is turned on.

If you want help, Change "ON" to "OFF" in the management program => Basic configuration => Help settings.

To change your homepage logo, log in to the management program and do the following:  
You can click the "Modify" button on the main top logo of homepage management > Component management and upload the logo file.