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Options Add main slide(each)(+90)
Check the progress rate(+220)
Issuing a certificate(+440)
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Add Mainslide

  You can add a main slide image for the first page of the homepage.

  • Added slides can also be edited and managed in the management program.
  • If you want to add multiple slides, please contact us.

Check the progress rate

  Checking member's video viewing progress

  • Each member's video viewing time is displayed as a percentage.
  • You can check the progress rate of members by course and video.
  • You can check the member's course progress, so you can set a refund policy based on 'learning progress'.


  Quiz management is possible.

  • You can create and manage unlimited categories of quizzes.
  • You can create, edit, delete, and manage quizzes by topic
  • You can check the quiz results for each member (score, date, average, comparison with average, etc.).
  • It is easy to check and manage difficulty measurement by topic and difficulty measurement by question.

Issuing a certificate of completion

  A certificate of completion can be issued.

  • You can limit the application for a certificate of completion to the minimum progress rate of the course taken. (When using the course progress option)
  • You can limit the application for a certificate of completion based on the performance rate of the quiz evaluation. (When using the quiz option)
  • Certificates to be issued can be created and managed arbitrarily.
  • You can issue a certificate of completion for free or for a fee.
  • The certificate of completion approved for printing can be printed on the screen by the member on the PC.

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