In Elearntool solution, the maintenance period is counted and you can check the remaining period of use.
When the period of use expires, the site is automatically blocked,
so if you wish to extend the period, please place an order/payment with the remaining period remaining.

Since the Elearntool solution is a 'use after installation' method,
After payment is confirmed, installation work will proceed and you can use it within 24 hours.
Payment methods include credit card and paypal, and long-term payments of 3 months / 6 months with discounts are also available.

Since Elearntool solution requires separate installation work for each customer, free use is not supported.
Instead, only for first-time customers, we add an additional 2 weeks (14 days) period of use when ordering.
You can also check it out for yourself through the demo.

Elearntool solution does not provide FTP information and does not allow access to the source.
Instead, we provide options and templates, and if you need other features or changes, you can contact us for customization.

Occasionally, customers contact us to purchase a program

in order to change or duplicate the program source.
However, the purchase of the solution is a 'right of use' that is recognized only for one copy,
and this is not ownership, so any actions related to ownership are restricted.

Elearntool only offers a 'rent' method where you pay a monthly fee.

It is said that if you purchase the solution, you can use it for a lifetime,
but even in this case, you will be using a web server and a video server,
so you will have to pay for server usage and traffic maintenance every month.

Also, if a problem such as an error occurs while editing the source,
you have no choice but to ask the program vendor,
which inevitably costs more than the general usage fee.

Therefore, Elearntool has determined that the most economical way
for consumers to use the solution is to pay an affordable monthly fee.

A secure server refers to the use of a password for communication with the server

as a measure to protect personal information.
If you look at the domain address bar, there is a part that starts with http://,
but if you install a security certificate, you can start with https://, which enables stronger personal information protection.

To build a secure server, you can purchase a security (SSL-Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and install it on the server.
Elearntool Customer Center can help you with installation if you purchase a security certificate and send the files to us.

[Files required for installation]

  1. To apply a security certificate (http:// ==> https://), first purchase a security certificate (SSL) for the domain. (Security certificates are purchased for each domain.) You can purchase it from your hosting site or where you purchased your domain.
  2. When you purchase a security certificate, please attach crt file, key file, and password from among the provided files. The above file is required for Elearntool to install and apply the security certificate to the server.
  3. When installing the security certificate on the server, a key file password may be required. This is because the password was registered in the key file when purchasing the security certificate, so please send the password as well.

[Security Certificate Purchasing Process]

  • A security certificate (SSL) is issued separately for each domain to enhance the security of the domain. Therefore, when purchasing SSL, a procedure to check whether the purchaser has a legitimate title to the domain is preceded.
  • The simplest of these procedures is the e-mail verification (DCV e-mail verification) procedure, and you will verify your identity by e-mail verification.
  • However, the email required for verification here must be the email listed in the domain's ownership information.
  • You can check the domain ownership information on the site where you purchased the domain, and you can also view it by entering the domain on other domain selling sites.

[After purchasing the security certificate]

  • If you select DCV e-mail identity verification and finish purchasing a security certificate (SSL), a security certificate is issued within a few minutes. This can be checked in the email used to verify your identity, and it is the simplest way to purchase as it is done immediately.
  • When you purchase a security certificate (SSL), you will receive an email for confirmation. (Email in domain information within 5 to 10 minutes)
  • There is a verification code and address (click here) in this email, and if you click the address and paste the code, it will be verified immediately.

For more detailed instructions on purchasing a security certificate (SSL),
please visit Support > Manual > Domain > How to Purchase a Security Certificate.

The initial access URL where the Elearntool solution is installed is connected to the subdomain of the Elearntool domain.

Although Elearntool subdomain does not interfere with access and operation of the installed website, we help to link the customer's domain to the website for the operation of the customer's site.

  1. Please inform Elearntool of the domain address you want to connect to by email (
  2. If the domain to be linked is the domain used on the old website, you must first disconnect the domain from the old website before requesting Elearntool to connect the domain.
  3. Please change the nameservers on the site where you purchased the domain as follows. (If you copy and paste the zero domain, the IP is automatically checked.)
  4. If the domain connection operation is completed in Elearntool and the name server change has been made, it will be reflected within 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  5. When the domain is connected, you must purchase and install a security certificate (SSL). (If you purchase a security certificate, the domain address may start with https://.)


According to Vimeo's guidance,

lag may occur depending on the condition of the end-user's internet line.
If so, it is understandable that lag may occur depending on the situation of the Vimeo server
and the state of the consumer's internet line.

Vimeo's video hosting service provides high-quality services at a low cost,
and has provided a level of service that cannot be compared with any other video hosting company at home and abroad.

Recently, there has been a change in Vimeo's rate plan and traffic (bandwidth) policy.
Vimeo raises the price and lowers the bandwidth usage from unlimited to less than 2TB per month,
which is a reasonable choice to prevent video lag.

Bandwidth usage of 2 TB per month is not reached by more than 99% of users worldwide.
This is considered a reasonable measure to protect a large number of users
from a very small number of users who use huge bandwidth at low cost.

In most cases, there is no difference from the existing unlimited bandwidth policy
and there will be no additional charges, so expect video lag to improve.

Elearntool supports design changes within a certain limit,

The supported parts are as follows.

1. Logo
2. Homepage main page slide image
3. CTA (Call To Action) Image
4. Image at the top of the subpage

These images can be easily replaced at any time by file attachment in LMS.
You can also purchase templates and apply them.
In addition, if you want to change the design or layout, please contact us for customization.

As in general shopping malls,

if you complete your order and payment, it will be checked in the elearntool system.
Installation work is carried out within 24 hours after payment is confirmed,
and when the installation is complete,
access information and manuals will be sent to the email address you ordered.

Elearntool e-learning solution is a solution that uploads videos to Vimeo and manages them by linking them.

Video security features in Elearntool are as follows.

1. Block video downloads
2. Block video output outside the set domain
3. Block duplicate logins on PC or smartphone with the same ID
4. Block ID sharing by limiting video lecture time
5. Watermark security function to set the member ID to be output as a watermark on the video screen
6. IP blocking security function that blocks video output when accessing from other than the IP registered by the member

Preventing or blocking video recording is not supported.

We do not support screen recording blocking function
because the cost is high compared to the disadvantage
of not being able to block the screen recording with a mobile phone.

Instead, security features such as
blocking downloads,
blocking duplicate logins with the same ID,
allowing video output only from specific domains,
limiting video duration,
watermark security,
and IP blocking
are supported.

You can set the number of previews allowed in each course setting in LMS > Courses
so that anyone can watch the sample videos for free.

Otherwise, customization is required.

Yes. That's right.
Although Elearntool solution is a service that uses Vimeo's video hosting,
you can sign up for Vimeo separately from using the elearntool solution
and select the service that suits your needs from among Vimeo's products.

If you want a website design or a specific function, Elearntool can support customization.

Customization is for a fee, and the number of work people and work period may change depending on the requested content and function.
If you contact us at Support > 1:1 Inquiry, we will guide you on the cost of customization.

There are three ways to create a member in Elearntool.

(1) Basically, anyone can become a member through membership registration on the website.
Members who have joined in this way can be managed in LMS > Members.

(2) Alternatively, in a state where members are already secured,
the administrator may randomly create IDs for offline members and register them as members
without the need for existing offline members to individually sign up for membership on the website.

In this case, the administrator informs the offline member of the ID and password created by the administrator,
and allows the offline member to directly log in to the website and modify the password.

(3) Lastly, this is a method that can be used
when you need to transfer the information of existing members to Elearntool in bulk,
such as when the homepage is transferred.

First, in LMS > Members, click the Excel download icon at the top of the list
as shown in the image above to download the basic Excel form.
Then, paste the information of the existing member according to the downloaded Excel form,
and then click the Excel upload icon to register in bulk.

In the case of uploading in Excel in this way, in order to register in the DB,
each individual member must complete the process of modifying/checking.
(After clicking the edit button of each member, you can immediately click the save button without any input.)

In Elearntool, you can manage member creation in these three ways.

To manage video lectures, you need to set up a category first.

You can set, edit, delete, etc. in LMS > Courses > Class Classification.

After that, you can manage it in the order of (1) Category selection > (2) List selection.

In LMS, you can view help in each area as follows. By default, Help is turned on.

If you want to turn off these tips,
You can do this by changing "ON" to "OFF" in LMS > Settings > Help Settings Management.

To change the homepage logo, log in to the management program and follow the steps below.

Appearance > Design > After pressing the 'Edit' button in the logo at the top of the main
You can upload the logo file in compliance with the image size (200X50).