Various Functions

The functions are easy and convenient to use.

Easy and convenient

Just like writing an email, it's enough to write and attach files.

Intuitive configuration

Click on the left to view it on the right. Intuitive and easy to manage.


You can manage it yourself without relying on a web agency.

All functions necessary to operate an e-learning site

Various functions are provided from website management to SMS sending.

Simple website management

You can edit content by writing text as easily as writing an email, and edit images by attaching files.

You can easily and conveniently manage the website at any time while modifying and changing the website.

Simple bulletin board management

You can easily manage bulletin boards such as notices and Q&A in admin mode,
and you can also utilize functions such as 1:1 inquiry.

Simple courses management

By creating and classifying various categories,
you can operate courses systematically
and efficiently without limiting the quantity.

Simple member management

Various categories can be set.

You can manage members efficiently
by supporting the administrator function with discriminatory authority.

Easy video management

Upload the video to 'Vimeo' and link it.

Various video courses can be provided at a low cost without burdening traffic.

Easy payment management

You can easily manage credit card payments, payment systems such as PayPal, and granting permission to take courses.

Easy settings management

You can easily set up company information, phone number, website SEO, administrator creation, website management, courses management, SMS management, etc.

SMS simple management

Text notifications to members can be sent individually or in bulk via SMS, and both short and long texts are supported.

Elearntool PRO Features

Change your design by choosing Templates
Simple management through Dashboard
Analytics setup support
File attachment support
Popup support
Course bundle support
Time limit for video lectures
Watermark function support
IP blocking function support


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there no function to prevent video recording?

Preventing or blocking video recording is not supported.
We do not support screen recording blocking function
because the cost is high compared to the disadvantage
of not being able to block the screen recording with a mobile phone.

Instead, security features such as
blocking downloads,
blocking duplicate logins with the same ID,
allowing video output only from specific domains,
limiting video duration,
watermark security,
and IP blocking
are supported.

Can I make a purchase rather than a rental?

Purchasing a solution is a 'right of use' that is recognized for only one copy,
and this is not ownership, so any actions related to ownership are restricted.

Elearntool only offers a 'lease' method where you pay a monthly fee.
Some people say that if you buy a solution, you can use it for life,
but even in this case, you will be using a web server and a video server,
so you will have to pay monthly server usage and traffic maintenance costs.
Also, if a problem such as an error occurs while editing the source,
you have no choice but to ask the program vendor,
which inevitably costs more than the general usage fee.

In the end, we decided that the most economical way for consumers to use the solution was to pay a monthly fee.

Can I access the source via FTP etc?

Elearntool solution does not provide FTP information and does not allow access to the source.
Instead, optional functions and template functions are provided,
and customization is possible if other functions or changes are required.

Why can't I make calls to Elearntool?

We conduct customer center work by email (

This is because it has the advantage of being able to accurately communicate with e-mail
because text and files can be attached, and because records remain,
it is possible to assign tasks accurately and conduct tasks responsibly.

We ask for your understanding in this regard.
If you have any questions, please send them to us by e-mail
and we will respond promptly and accurately.

Try Elearntool right now.