Product and Pricing

We provide e-learning solutions for video lecture sites at reasonable prices.


1 month

$180 /month

  • Installation Cost
    $400/first time only

3 months

$170 /month

  • Installation Cost
    $400/first time only

6 months

$160 /month

  • Installation Cost
    $400/first time only


  •  Webhosting
  •  Web traffic (per day)
  •  Video hosting
    Vimeo registration and payment are required.
    Bandwidth 2TB(per month)
  •  Members
  • Web hosting capacity and web traffic can be added.
  • Please sign up and purchase Vimeo subscriptions as needed.
  • Additional services can be purchased and customized.


  Responsive website & LMS The website and learning management system are responsive.
  Options Check progress rate, Quiz, Issuing a certificate of completion, Add main slide, Templates
  Sending and receiving SMS Text sending and receiving functions are supported.
  Notification(Mail, SMS) Inquiries and bulletin board posting notifications are supported by mail and SMS.
  File attachment Files can be attached to each course.
  Pop-up Pop-up window management is supported.
  Course bundle Multiple courses can be grouped into a bundled course.
  Watch time limit ID sharing can be prevented by limiting the amount of time members watch videos.
  Watermark A function where the member ID is displayed on the video screen as a watermark
  IP block A function to set the video output only from the registered IP
  Block duplicate logins Prevents ID sharing by restricting logins from multiple devices at the same time with one ID.
  Review Members can write a review after taking the course.
  Dashboard A dashboard function is provided.
  Analytics script installation support You can easily install Google Analytics scripts.
  PayGate Paypal, Eximbay
  Subpage image Top image management function for each subpage
  Customization support Design, function and Multilingual customization support
Check out the various features with the demo.

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You can purchase additional options with various functions.
There are no additional fees other than the installation cost of options.

Title Description View Details
  Add main slide You can add a main slide image for the first page of the homepage.
  Check the progress rate The video viewing history is saved, so you can check the learning progress of the member.
  Quiz Quiz management is possible.
  Issuing a certificate of completion A certificate of completion (certificate of completion) can be issued.
Check out more detailed features of the options!

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Various templates are supported.


Default Template


Art Fields

Template 1



Template 2


Dance/Sports field

Template 3


Education Field

Template 4


Organization Field

Template 5



Frequently asked questions about products and prices.

Can't I try it for free?

Free use is not supported because the elearntool solution requires separate installation work for each customer.
Instead, we add a period of use of 2 weeks (14 days) to new customers when ordering and installing. You can also check it out through 'try the demo'.

How do I order/pay?

If you pay first, the installation will proceed after payment is confirmed.
Payment methods include credit card and Paypal, and long-term payments of 3 months / 6 months with discounts are also available.

How do I extend my service?

In the elearntool solution, the period of use is counted and you can check the remaining period of use.
When the period of use expires, the site is automatically blocked, so if you wish to extend the period, please place an order/payment with the remaining period remaining.

Do I need to sign up for Vimeo and pay?

Yes. That's right. Although the elearntool solution is a service that uses Vimeo's video hosting, you can sign up for Vimeo separately from using the elearntool solution and select the service that suits your needs from among Vimeo's products.

How long do I have to wait after paying?

As in general shopping malls, if you complete your order and payment, it will be checked in the elearntool system.
Installation work is carried out within 24 hours after payment is confirmed, and when the installation is complete, access information and manuals will be sent to the email address you ordered.

Customization support

If you do not find the function you are looking for in the options, you can contact us for customization.

If you inquire about your needs in detail (with data and images attached), we will guide you on whether customization is possible, work period, and cost. For inquiries, please use Elearntool customer center email ( or 1:1 inquiry.