Price guide

Thank you for your interest and visit to Elearntool.

Elearntool e-learning solution is a solution that allows you to operate a website
and video management program only with installation and monthly fees
without having to spend a lot of money to create a website or management program.

In the Elearntool solution, video uploads are separately uploaded to 'Vimeo',
and the uploaded video link is linked with Elearntool so that the site can be operated.

Therefore, you can enjoy a low-cost and high-quality service without paying huge video server hosting costs.
However, to use Vimeo, each customer must register for Vimeo.

The Elearntool solution costs $265 for an initial installation and $160-180 for monthly usage.

You can run a video lecture site right away.
You can check more details in 'Pricing' in the top menu.

If you have any questions, please contact Support > 1:1 inquiry or email (

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